54 + 27 = Retirement Security!

54 and 27.

What the heck? How does that equal retirement security for working Pennsylvanians?

Not a hard answer.

MetLife’s recent “Role of the Company Survey” found that 54 percent of its respondents believe individuals are responsible for their retirement savings and investments; 27 percent think employers are responsible.

With just a basic understanding of how a retirement security program works – whether it be an “auto-IRA” or a “multi-employer program (MEP)” – you know individuals and employers are two of the biggest parts of the equation.

Individuals decide if they want to stay in the program and they also decide what percentage of their pre-tax paycheck they want deducted …

Employers make the deductions happen automatically.

54 + 27 really does equal retirement security.

Math lesson over.

Call your lawmakers and ask them to get moving on Pennsylvania’s retirement security program.