Reasons You Are Not Saving For Retirement

When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, it’s hard – impossible, even – to think about saving for retirement.

How do we know? We’ve done it. We hear friends lament their financial situation, too.

And we read about it. Did you catch the responses of those who read a story raising a pretty high retirement savings bar for those just in their 30s?



The Twittersphere was abuzz.

“Do any of you know real people?” asked one.

“Maybe if they weren’t so busy paying off student loans and dealing with crap wages …” wrote another.

“I was on track for this and then emergency dental work took out more than half of my savings … Awesome society we got going here,” tweeted one more.

It’s true. One unplanned life event can cost thousands.

It’s also true, we believe, that if working Pennsylvanians had an easy way to save for retirement – automatically – then the stress of retirement would ease. For some; go away.

Our calculator tells us a 30 year old working Pennsylvanian who saves $75 a month, each month, for 35 years would have more than $95,000 saved for retirement. $175/month = $220,000.

We can’t make this happen without you. Your help. Your reading. Your kind and constant pestering of elected officials in Harrisburg and in Washington.

Have you pestered recently?