Scary When You Think About Your Inadequate Retirement

The financial reality of not having enough money to last more than a few months in retirement is one bad thing.

The psychology of knowing you are not prepared for your golden years … or even the nickel years … is an unnerving really bad thing.

We know because it’s unnerved some of us.

We also know because people study these types of things.

A recent MassMutual workplace benefits study found more than half (58 percent) of middle-income workers earning $35,000 to $150,000 said they feel more financially secure because of workplace benefits.

You know, retirement savings accounts.

What’s cooler about the study is it found more workers want more retirement savings info from their employers as only 40 percent of those surveyed – and who called themselves middle class – work with already available financial advisors.

70 percent of Millennials surveyed said they would welcome financial planning services.

If peace of mind and financial planning is something you want in a state-sponsored retirement security program – and real money in your retirement savings accounts – call your legislators and let them know.

We need you to be the driving force on retirement security development in Pennsylvania.