Why Not Private Retirement Programs?

In talking about the need for a retirement security program in Pennsylvania, we’ve heard reasoned arguments for why investment companies like Fidelity, Vanguard or a myriad of other companies with market-driven retirement options should operate this program with the commonwealth on the sideline.

We believe this could be an excellent way forward if it helps Pennsylvanians better prepare for their retirement lives.

We are not here to suggest this isn’t an option. It is.

What kind of market-driven programs? Just to name a quick few: Fidelity offers a retirement “Planning and Guidance Center,” and Vanguard similar help in its retirement page. T. Rowe Price offers retirement guidance. So, too, do insurance companies and banks.


The trick to these and other solid retirement strategies is getting more Pennsylvanians to understand them … and to use them. To actually save for retirement.

So, why not investment-company programs – or a combination of both?

Our sincere answer?

Why not!

Let’s make it happen.