Why Saving for Retirement Can Be Hard

A UCLA professor has one of the better understandings of why people don’t save for life after work.

In a January Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Q&A, Associate Professor of Marketing Suzanne Shu said the trick getting people to start their retirement savings program is “to make it as easy as possible.”

“That can include things such as tying an increase in your savings to a raise so you don’t notice the extra money that’s coming out of your paycheck. A lot of companies automatically enroll their workers in their 401(k) plans when they start a new job,” Shu said.

But not everyone does this. You might be one of them … even though you’ve read about these options before.

The MyRetirementPA.com conversation about retirement security is focused on getting more Pennsylvanians to save for their “Golden Years” by making it as easy as possible for them to begin saving right now.

How we get to that point is an open discussion, and one we invite you to participate in and share with your policy makers – state and federal.