Start Saving
for Retirement

How can I start saving for retirement …

When I’m paying for my student loans? And rent?
And a car that isn’t always reliable? And childcare?

We get it.

Saving for retirement is hard.
It sometimes feels impossible.

But you are not alone.

If you’ll work with us, we can help you worry less about life after work.

What we’re talking about is a retirement savings plan that would put money from your paycheck (in an amount you control) into an interest-earning retirement account – automatically. The plan could be one administered by PA, a private-investment company or a combination of both.

Your retirement account could be something you would take with you from job to job.

How Much Could You Save?

Use our retirement calculator to find out (compounds at 5.5 percent)!


2.1m 40%
PA private sector workers without access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Source: Segal Consulting Group

PA Median Income.

Source: Segal Consulting Group

776k 24%
PA private sector workers do not participate in their employer’s established retirement plan.

Source: Segal Consulting Group

Thanks for being here to learn more about our
conversation to make saving for retirement a reality in PA.

Join us as we work together to bring a retirement savings program to PA.