Why PA Needs Retirement Security

There are many stories about “sowing seeds.”

Some are biblical, others are metaphorical, and do we have to mention the botanical? You get what you plant and take care of, whether that’s an actual seed or a commitment to a new workout program or saving for retirement.

The ground in Pennsylvania is fertile for having this important discussion about retirement security, but it will take cultivation, care, and commitment to create a state-administered program and watch it bloom.



These are the number and percentage of Pennsylvania private-sector workers who do not have access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Source:Segal Consulting Group


This is the percentage of PA’s 65-and-older population growth over the past four years, while the general population of PA grew by only 0.5 percent.

Source:Segal Consulting Group

These are good reasons why we are working to accomplish retirement security for Pennsylvanians.

We believe people will be more productive and their quality of life will improve as they better prepare for life after work with a PA-specific retirement security program.

It may pinch a little now for them to save a percent or two automatically from their paychecks, but the peace of mind they will get knowing their retirement years will be supported by their own savings and investments — something you helped create — will be so worth it.

Millennials, Gen Xers, even Baby Boomers want to enjoy life after work.

Getting them retirement security on top of Social Security and any other investments they make during their working years will help them accomplish what they can only dream about today.

We believe in cultivation.


We know we have to “work the land” to move forward and make the conditions right to help you, whether you are the boss or are a ditch digger, sow your seeds. We know we have to make the conditions right to help Pennsylvanians better prepare for retirement.

Support us as we work to make retirement security a reality in Pennsylvania.